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Mandatory subscription of Dropbox

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Codea is designed to use Dropbox as the main channel of external data path and storage.
Recently I encountered the policy change of Dropbox which requires 2TB storage subscription with one month free trial. I was forced to signup subscription to access Dropbox. So I signed up once then canceled before I forget it. It maybe the time to consider other cloud storage for additional external storage.


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    @Makoto - I have the initial free allocation within Dropbox and manage too keep within the limit. I used to have several kits that could access it but had to cut down to three. They are trying to squeeze out the free users. I have managed so far and they have not forced me to purchase storage, just encouraged me to upgrade.

    Edit: I also have Lan storage but tend not to use it for program access - just as backup.
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    @Makoto Dropbox is no longer the main channel for external data in Codea. It is integrated, yes, but I plan to remove it soon to support any cloud providers through the Files app

    (This is why I added the asset keys recently. It's the first step in overhauling the whole system)

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    @Big_G and Simeon, Thank you for your prompt reply.

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