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Update of Codea Totirials

in Suggestions Posts: 59

Codea Tutorials are great resources to study how to use Codea, even those articles listed are several years old. But I found some contents of them are obsolete due to advancement of version both in Codea and Xcode.

In order to learn about a way to add audio recording capability with Codea, I found several related articles in the Codea Tutorials. Espacially the Tutorial 28, 29 and 30 discussing Objective-C addons are very informative.
Although the target version of those addons are Codea Ver1.5.2, those addons have been incorporated in the zipped project for Xcode until Codea ver 2.x. However, I realized those addons are disappeared in the project made with Codea 3.x. Thus there are no ways to apply the knowledge in those articles to actual code.

It will be impractical to keep those documents up do date, however I wish if there are some remarks about how to apply those Tutorials to the latest situation in order to make them current.

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