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Nodevember 2020 with Shade

JohnJohn Admin Mod
edited October 2020 in Shaders Posts: 766

Hey guys

It's that time of the year again. If you're a fan of and making procedural shaders and materials with nodes then Nodevember is for you!

Later today a list of prompts will be announced for each day of November that you can use to make awesome shaders and then post them on Twitter / Instagram with the #nodevember / #nodevember2020 hashtags.

Nodevember is a challenge, not a contest. No matter your field or skill level, any and all node-based/procedural creations are welcome!
In fact, Nodevember is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself to learn new things and advance your procedural abilities, or to just show off your node wizardry.

The redacted prompt list will be updated as soon as the embargo is lifted :smile:

More details are available at this blog post:


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