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please provide multiple rows of tabs

in Suggestions Posts: 1,094

when you get more tabs than can fit across the screen, scrolling is difficult and time consuming. please allow for more than one row, at least on big-screen devices. thanks!


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,708

    This is getting completely revamped soon, totally agree on it being difficult for large projects.

    The new design will use a sidebar with hierarchical folders, files and assets, as well as a quick open type feature for typing the name of the file (with fuzzy matching) that you want to navigate to

  • Posts: 1,094

    mmm, nice, i like fuzzy things :) thanks!

  • Posts: 154

    @Simeon Oh wow, that sounds great! Any chance we can get code-folding for methods, if-statements, etc.? I know Codea highlights the if-statement an "end" belongs to. But sometimes it would be great to just hide certain parts to reduce complexity in larger if-statements and larger files in general.

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