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A little out of my depth with shaders

edited April 8 in Code Sharing Posts: 1,284

Attached is a project “Simple Screens” that is kind of a Frankenstein’s monster.

I made it by smooshing together my “Simple Buttons” project with a few other pieces of code I found on these forums:

  • one was for using shaders to blur the screen
  • one was for using shaders to make a rounded rectangle
  • one was for using the blurred screen as the texture inside the rounded rectangle.

Seeing as I barely understand shaders, I think this works pretty well—but since I don’t understand it, I am having trouble fixing something.

I can’t seem to refresh the button textures between screens.

If a button appears on multiple screens it will always keep the same texture it had on the first screen.

You can see it happening in this project on the ‘to fixed mode’ and ‘to edit mode’ buttons, which appear on every screen but always retain the texture of the first screen.

I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to wade into my muddy code, but if anyone wants to see if they can help me get a lead on this I’d appreciate it.



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