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entity.remove() mysteries

edited April 15 in Codea Craft Posts: 1,284

Mystified that entity:remove(craft.material) seems to have no effect, I tried to see what components it works on.

Attached is a @dave1707 project modified to explore entity:remove()

By commenting and un-commenting lines in the last function of the project, called intensity(), you can test trying to remove different things.

To see it in action you have to move the slider to a position other than 1 (not sure why), and then tap the Boolean toggle twice—once to apply a glowing material, and a second time to apply whatever version of remove is currently un-commented.

Unless I’m doing it wrong, so far it seems that:

  • removing craft.model does nothing
  • removing craft.mesh does nothing
  • removing craft.material does nothing
  • removing craft.renderer crashes Codea, if none of these are the intended uses of entity:remove(), what’s it actually supposed to be used on?

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