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Soda life raft

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I was unable to get the latest version of Soda working.

I happen to have old versions of Soda and the Soda tutorial, so I want to share them with anyone interested in this amazing project.

They’re only one version behind I think (0.7 instead of 0.7.1), and they still work very well.

(also, of course, the zipped projects have icons!)



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    I accidentally left a readImage() command in both projects, making them launch with unresponsive black screens.

    I removed it from the Soda v0.7 project and that one should work now, but the Tutorial is having trouble still. Will try to fix.
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    @Simeon can you give some clues about this? As you can see I have SODA selected as a dependency but the error message says I don’t.

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    @UberGoober - oooh, that's an error in a form that I haven't seen. Looks like it might mean the integrity of the file is in question or the file format had changed since the last publication. I think I have a copy saved so I'll try it out
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    @UberGoober - found and installed Soda, re-arranged the tabs got it to run, using inbuilt demo, but on running fired up an error after showing background screen. Haven't even tried the dependency yet. Nor do I know which version it is. Any ideas?
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    @Bri_G I had similar problems and that’s why I posted an old version of soda here as a zip—which gave cause to name it “Soda life raft”.

    I posted 0.7 above, and I think the current version on the website is 0.71.

    Maybe try my zip and tell me if it works for you.

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    @UberGoober I’ve uploaded a new 0.7.2 version on GitHub and attached it here too.

    It should work in the latest Codea 3.4.3 (300) and having played around with the demos I think it’s safe to say I’ll be using this for WebRepo 2.0 :smiley:

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    @Steppers - your version and demo work fine in latest beta. Thanks.

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    @Steppers it’s super sweet right?

    Nobody ever seems to use it, so I’m glad to hear all the hard work (that others put into making it) is benefitting someone!
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    @UberGoober - I think most people don't use it for several reasons

    They don't tend to build front end, instructions or high score tables.

    They don't tend to build more formal systems - games tend to be skeletal.

    They don't tend to like extensions to the core in the system.

    Those are generalities - I'm sure some users use it a lot I intended to spend some time using it but never got the time, other projects dominated. But, now it's back and running well I'm going to try and take advantage of it

    Thanks for making this available again.
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