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WorldGrid: tool for adding an x, y, z grid along Craft coordinates to help with positioning

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Ever wish you had a nice 3D world grid like in Unity3D?

Well this isn’t anywhere near as good as that!

But for now at least it’s something, and if you could ever use a little bit of a help seeing where things are relative to 0, 0, 0 in craft, this will come in handy.

I made it on top of the Grid class from the voxel editor, and if anybody cares to improve on it please be my guest.



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    In action

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    Submitted to @Steppers’s WebRepo.

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    @UberGoober very nice!

    If you would like to remove the fading away as a function of distance add the following after the second setContext()...

        craft.texture(self.img):generateMipmaps()   --remove fog effect
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    @piinthesky that’s great to know. A couple questions:

    • How’d you know this? I can’t find it in the reference.
    • How can I turn it on again? I’ve tried to give it a parameter control but I can’t get it working.
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    @piinthesky ok but that doesn’t help me toggle it on and off. I find that whatever setting I put it at, it stays with, even if I try to redraw it.

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    Nvm got it

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    i don't know- @John or @Simeon will have to answer

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    @piinthesky I figured out what was wrong – it was me, of course :-) – but it’s straightened out now, and I have updated the project zip, incorporating your suggestion.

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    Looks nice! I’ll get this added to WebRepo tomorrow.

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    @UberGoober Apologies for the slight delay here. It should now be available.

    I've been using the project to develop and test an automation script to handle the process of downloading new projects from the form, adding the metadata to the plist file and committing it to the 'sub' branch for testing prior to merging to the main branch. All seems to work nicely now so new subs should only require a few taps to test them.
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