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Craft Shaders: built-in Codea shaders adapted to Craft

edited June 21 in Code Sharing Posts: 1,292

Confounded by Craft shaders and want demonstrations of ones that actually do things? You might get a lot out of this.

Demonstrations of Codea’s built-in Invert, Blend, Ripple, and Mandelbrot shaders adapted for Craft models, plus a few extras.

All shaders are on self-contained tabs and ready to be used on your own projects as-is, or as a template for making your own.

help needed please: one of the extras is a Craft spaceship model flying in a loop coded entirely in the shader. I couldn’t figure out how to have it move and also retain its color information, so it’s just a white moving blur.

Can anyone can help me figure out how to get the spaceship model’s colors back? I’d greatly appreciate it.

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