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Play random sound assets

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Hi all, I’ve been playing around with random sounds and wondered if this can also be accomplished with imported sound assets? If so can someone please point me to the right place. I’ve had a search of the various discussions but haven’t as yet found anything relevant. Thank you


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    @Karl I don’t see why you can’t. Where are you trying to get get imported sounds from.

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    I currently have a series of downloaded .wav files sat in my Dropbox asset folder. Thanks @dave1707

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 9,441

    @Karl if you already have them in your Dropbox folder, you should be able to access them just like any other Codea sound file.

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    Sorry @dave1707 I’ve reread my initial post and it wasn’t particularly clear. I can access the sounds from Dropbox without issue, I’m just not sure how to play a randomised sound from that folder. The reference guide details SOUND_RANDOM for generated sound files, I’m just trying to figure out to apply that concept to imported sound files.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 9,441

    @Karl Here’s something that will play a random sound each time you tap the screen. These are fake names, but replace them with your Dropbox file names. Is this close to what you’re after.

    function setup()
    function draw()
    function touched(t)
        if t.state==BEGAN then
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    @Karl Alternatively if you're hoping to select a file from a folder at random then the following should also work:

    function playRandomSound()
        -- Get a list of files in an asset pack
        local all = asset.downloaded.Game_Sounds_One.all
        local sounds = {}
        -- Filter the files so only audio remains
        for _,file in ipairs(all) do
            if file.type == SOUNDS then
                table.insert(sounds, file)
        -- Abort if we found no audio files
        if #sounds == 0 then
        -- Generate a random index
        local index = math.random(#sounds)
        -- Play the sound

    Feel free to factor the generation of the sounds array out of the function as it could be slow with many files.

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    @dave1707 absolutely spot on, thank you. I already had my touch function working so used your code to create a table of assets and then the variable to call a random sound from the table. I was playing round with tables to call the assets, but hadn’t considered using a variable to enable me to randomise the sound. @Steppers I haven’t yet played with your code, but will do to enable me to learn more. If my sound list gets too big then calling all assets in a folder and filtering by type would be appealing. Thank you both. Top quality help as always in this forum

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