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Problem loading textures referenced in .mtl file

in Bugs Posts: 418

Hi all,

Labeled as a bug but it may be me…

I’m currently attempting to add an updated ‘Racing Kit’ 3D Asset pack to WebRepo but am having trouble displaying the included textures. When viewed from Codea’s ‘Assets’ screen it has no problem displaying the correct texture which makes it even stranger. I’ve attached some screenshots and the project used displaying the issue (model on left is the built-in one).

The textures downloaded from are stored in a ‘Textures’ subfolder so I have adjusted the references in the .mtl files to remove the subfolder prefix and stored the textures in the root of the asset pack (I have to do this for WebRepo as I cannot create further sub-folders afaik).

I’ll point out that the materials appear to be loading just fine and the parts of the billboard are coloured correctly, it’s just the texture that’s failing to display.

I’ve done my best to narrow down what’s going wrong but without seeing any of the loading code there’s not much more I can do.

@Simeon Any ideas?

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