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Question about Codea

edited July 2012 in Questions Posts: 18

I have a little question about codea :
Could I make a program where the virtual keyboard will be open for write text ?

PS : Sorry for y bad english i'm French ;-) .



  • Posts: 57

    Something like this, maybe?

    function setup()     concat = "" end function draw()     background(40, 40, 50)     fill(255)     textMode(CORNER)          buffer = keyboardBuffer()     _,bufferHeight = textSize(buffer)          if buffer then         text(buffer, 10, HEIGHT - 30 - bufferHeight)     end end function touched(touch)     showKeyboard() end function keyboard(key)     if key == RETURN then         print("buffer: ["..buffer.."]")         concat = concat.."\r"..buffer         print(concat)         hideKeyboard()     end end
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