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vec2 wiki

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I've started a basic walkthrough of vec2. Have to run to dinner so it's not quite complete. Does anyone think a discussion of some of the other vec2 functions should be a separate page?



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    Just saw this and thank you!

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    I've worked through the tutorial and am looking forward to more! I really appreciated your step by step approach... going from lines to the same thing done with vectors and then showing how it is possible to add and subtract them etc.

    And yes, I think a separate page (as in Working with Vectors Part 1 and Working with Vectors Part 2) would be appropriate.

    Thanks again!


    part 2 draft is done

    At this point I'm sort of stuck. My grasp on dot products and cross products is weak. I could add them in but am unsure of a visual use for them. Also, while I understand lenSqr, lack of imagination prevents me from providing a useful example of why they would be used.

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