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Easy project publish

edited December 2011 in General Posts: 622

1) Create a posterous account using the e-mail your IPad sends from

2) Confirm the e-mail from posterous

3) Use Codea's project e-mail and e-mail to (look at their help on how to post to your site and twitter in one mail)

It's posted


Your user clicks on the file and (at least in Safari) the option to open in Codea is displayed

[I'm not affliated with posterous. Any other methods not using posterous are more than welcome]

[TwoLivesLeft, Apple, myself, and leprechauns are not responsible for any issues you encounter with the above and/or harm that may occur to nymphs]

[edit: git of course is better for collaboration than this, this is just a quick post, easy download method, focused on staying on the Ipad]


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    edited December 2011 Posts: 5,434

    That's really cool.

    Edit: you can even leave comments, nice.

  • Very cool indeed. I just posted the Mandelbrot viewer here:

    Took 2 minutes to set up.

  • Posts: 384

    Yes, this is nifty! I just tried it and found you can also post a screenshot with your project easily. After your posterous account is ready, run your Codea project and take a screenshot by pressing the sleep and the home buttons at the same time. Then go into your photos and copy the screenshot. Then go back to Codea and email the project from the main page to, pasting the screenshot in the email too. Here is my test for the keyboard I did:

    Thanks @Ipda41001 !

  • I had completely forgotten about the screenshot capability and you finding how to throw that into a mail is ├╝ber

  • beebee
    Posts: 381

    Nice @Ipda41001 ! We're actually allowed to post anything on posterous i.e. text for description, screenshot image, video demo, link, downloadable file, etc. So yes, we could use it to share our code a lot easier and more descriptive. Thank you. :)

  • NatNat
    Posts: 143

    Fantastic idea. I've set up to share my stuff.

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