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File Sync Editor, User Interface: cursors & express buttons

edited March 2013 in Suggestions Posts: 23

Custom interfaces

interface panels could be hidden and slide out when swiped etc

add onscreen joystick(s) to to the top of the screen to control cursor(s), ex 2 joysticks 2 cursors

allowing you to select which text you want and navigate the file with pin point accuracy.

2 cursors 1 can select the front and the other the end of the string. if taped will place marker to mark the beginning/end of the selected string taking advantage of the multitouch interface of the tablet

once selected a user can drag this selection with their finger to another location or a copy board pane to store text
or the user could tap one of the onscreen buttons around the joysticks

Options Include
copy, cut, past
comment out, tab
search replace

physical joystick that takes advantage of onscreen controls:

Another Idea:
should be a way to ( share | import/export | pair devices together ) for quick editing of program files in multiple places.
possibility: live run edit the script on the computer and run instantly on tablet, synced over bluetooth or wifi

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