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iPad to iPhone scaling - creating a universal app?

edited March 2013 in General Posts: 32

maybe silly questions but I am new to this...
I have created a simple iPad app and I have it running ok via Xcode in the simulator - the project makes use of fonts and therefore 'fontSize' (specific dimension variables..) and fullscreen images as information screens using 'sprite' to display them. I realised that I needed to upscale the dpi of images so they looked good on an iPad 3 and 4 (I am using iPad2) but now I am wondering about how to make the whole project 'Universal' - iPhone compatible and if there is a quicker way to do this?
I guess not and I also guess I am not fully understanding how to create a 'Universal' app.
I am thinking I need to recode portions of the project to make it correctly visible on the existing different iPhone formats but then I am basically creating entirely new apps.. so is there a nifty way to rescale the project or do I need to create different versions and then submit all versions individually to the appstore?
Any advice greatly appreciated - thanks!


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