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I made this button class after seeing @Brucewe project, wanted to personalize it and also make it simpler to make the button call a function (atleast I find it simple this way). So here's the code also added an example but what you need is only the Buttons tab.

--# Buttons Buttons = class() function Buttons:init(x,y,txt,funct,radius) self.x = x self.y = y self.txt = txt self.funct = funct self.radius = radius end function Buttons:draw() fill(140, 50, 238, 255) fontSize(30) font("AmericanTypewriter-Bold") text(self.txt,self.x,self.y) w = textSize(self.txt) if self.radius == nil then self.radius = w + 20 end pushStyle() noFill() strokeWidth(5) stroke(0, 114, 255, 198) ellipse(self.x,self.y,self.radius) end function Buttons:touched(touch) tx = touch.x ty = touch.y if touch.state == BEGAN then if tx<=self.x + self.radius/2 and tx>=self.x - self.radius/2 and ty>=self.y - self.radius/2 and ty<=self.y + self.radius/2 then self.funct() end end end --# Functions --the functions that the button will call when pressed function Test() print("button works") end function ChangePosition() print("position changed") sound(SOUND_HIT, 19021) if x == WIDTH/2 then x = WIDTH/2 + 200 else x = WIDTH/2 end end --# Main function setup() x = WIDTH/2 b2 = Buttons(WIDTH/2 - 200,HEIGHT/2,"test",ChangePosition) --radius is set on its own end function draw() background(0, 0, 0, 255) b1 = Buttons(x,HEIGHT/2,"test",Test,100) --radius is user defined b1:draw() b2:draw() end function touched(touch) b1:touched(touch) b2:touched(touch) end


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    very nice

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    I am glad it helped.

  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
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    Nice. Just an advice: you redefine (create) a new button object 60 times per second. (b1). This is not a good practice. You should define it in setup, as for b2, and change just the property you want to change in draw(). This will be very important for speed if you make bigger programs and bigger classes.

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    Yeah I realized that after writing a few of such codes and have edited all of them except for on the forum. Thanks anyways!!

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