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Not all comments are highlighted in code

edited December 2011 in Bugs Posts: 1
  1. Open the sounds example project.
  2. Look at the third comment ("-- you can also call sound("jump",seed), where seed is an integer which describes a specific random sound ("jump" can be any of the strings above)").

Expected: comment font is green

Actual: comment font is black like a piece of code



  • True, many things over a line long aren't displayed well.

    When this occurs in my code it reminds me I'm trying to do too much in one line again :)

  • edited December 2011 Posts: 273

    @SkullKrusher, the font isn't colored green but the interpreter still treats the code as a comment.

    It is the same story (ignored but not green) with Lua block comments:


    This is ignored.

    This is ignored.

    This is ignored.


    An issue has been raised on the wiki about this (it's not a major issue but since Codea features ease of use and reading and writing code I'm sure we can expect that this will be fixed at some point).

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