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Codea Cook-off competition project - Space Jump

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Well I thought I'dd make a discussion as well about my project

the idea behind it is simple, you're an alien, you're flying in your space ship, and want to get suplies on other planets, the only problem... you can't beam down, something's interfering the transporters. Your landing gear is broken. How will you manage to get those supplies? Your commander told you to jump out of the ship to the planet. Catch some credits and other usefull things while falling. dodge debry, and make your way to the surface. once there you will disable the interferance and beam back up

This game will include several levels, and might have one or 2 minigames, for example, disable the bad transmittors or so

Updates will be posted here and I'll post images as soon as possible. Now working on the menu, and after that I'll get some image loading done, since we all need that ;) after that I'll work on basic game mechanics, then add more stuff, win conditions, lifes, power ups, ...


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    Progress on my rather ugly menu


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    Looks nice

  • @JakAttak haven't your parents taught you that lying is bad? xD

    but going to bed now, 5:21 am, early enough for today xp

  • Ok can't upload any video now, but what I got so far:
    - a menu (as you can see above)
    - an intro scene

    i will start coding some gameplay now, hopefully it will work out well ;)

  • that menu looks spiffy to me! Love the background.

  • ok i finally had some time to work on this some more, this is what an extra hour of work did to some basic gameplay 25-12-13 23 31 31.mp4

    I'll share the code in a few minutes

    What I wanna do now is:

    better placement of obstacles (as you can see it's still very messy now)
    a score bar
    coin bar
    and then some better sprites for the obstacles ;)

  • Is the Gameplay that laggy, or is it the camera?

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    Nice. Here's my question: does it ever end, or is it an infinite drop?

  • @CodeaNoob that's just the camera, on ipad it's really smooth (tho picking up coins should be made better, now they just dissapear instead of nicely dissapearing)

    @JakAttak idk yet, for now it's infinite, but I might add levels, depends on how everything works out ;) any ideas are welcome

  • @stevon8ter, why not make it optional for their to be an ending?

  • @CodeaNoob well that would not really be an 'option' but more something like a game mode.. I'll think about it, thx :)

  • Update: finally, here's the first release of code (yes I know the sprites are messed up, I'll transfer them to another image host asap)

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    fixed sprites, tho my code returns 1 error when crashing into asteroids
    the error is located in the tab 'Over' and caused by table.sort

    I can't figure out what's wrong...

    for table to string and vice versa, I adjusted some of @dave1707's code I found on here

    any thoughts on what's messing it up?

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 9,470

    @stevon8ter I changed table.insert(t,val) to table.insert(t,tonumber(val)). See below.

    function stringToTable(s,t)     print("\n------ string to tableeee ------")     c=1     m=1     while true do         s1,e1=string.find(s,"*",c)    -- find asterisk seperator         print(s1,e1)                  if s1==nil then             break    -- end of string         else             val=string.sub(s,c,s1-1)    -- get key or value                          if m%2 == 0 then                 table.insert(t, tonumber(val))   -- val = value             end                          m = m + 1             c=e1+1         end     end end
  • omg @dave1707 thanks so much :) didn't think of it still being a part of a string xo stupid me xp

  • Another update, this time i only got a video because to lazy to share the code 28-12-13 03 14 45.mp4

    Notice the blue bar at the top? This is your space-time-distortian power, if you press the screen, you fall slower, but there's a catch, by using your special power, the space also gets messed up, in a way that asteroids will be closer to eachother and sometimes even intersect eachother, so use this power at your own risk, or only use it for a little when wanting to get out of a nasty situation

    When the bar reaches 0, your power is empty, keeping the touch on screen won't do anything, however if you release your touch, the bar will start refilling at a slow rate.

  • Ok lads, this is one of my last updates I'll make

    this includes:
    upgrades for the special power bar, in the shop
    highscore list
    'full' game
    game over scenes
    tilt to move

    I'll make the 'about' menu changed to 'tutorial' so that there's info about the power bar, shop, movement etc etc, and I think that'll be about it

    if I got time to make powerups, I'll try that

  • Latest version

    added basic screen transitions and included the about and credits screen

    this will probably be the final update

    And yes I know this game is kinda boring and so many games like this already, but it's the best I could do

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  • @Zoyt don't lie ;) yours is much better

  • I personally enjoyed jumping out of a spaceship. I've always wanted to do that.

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