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Walking animation

edited February 2014 in Questions Posts: 17

I am making a survival game in which the character moves via joystick, i want it so that when he moves, 2 images go back and forth every half second or so making it appear as he is walking, how can i do that?


  • Have a simple timer that goes up and resets after say, .3 of a second or so, then when the timer resets, alternate the image of your hero walking

  • if i only want him to alternate while walking, would i put the timer in draw and the alternating images in touch?

  • This may not work, im on my phone:

    function setup()
    timer = 0
    --whatever other setup stuff here
    function draw()
    if Timer > 10 then
    Timer > 20 then 
    Timer = 0
    function touched(t)
    if t.state == BEGAN or MOVING then
    Timer = Timer + 1
  • thanks, that worked!

  • edited February 2014 Posts: 505

    for your timer, you can also use a tween() ;)

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