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Set icon and/or order of projects

BortelsBortels Mod
edited October 2011 in Suggestions Posts: 1,557

The main Codify screen works ok for a handfull of projects - and I can see where it's going to be an issue when I have 200+ projects (and I will!). The ability to set an icon (presumably a screenshot, or something from a spritepack) would be helpful, as would letting us group or 2D scroll or rearrange them or such. Dunno exact what.


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,782

    I was thinking of allowing categories of user projects. I agree, it'll get pretty messy with a lot of them. We'll need some sort of filtering system or hierarchical menu.

    Perhaps they could just be sorted by last modified time instead of name?

  • beebee
    Posts: 381

    I like the way Codea (has it an official name already?) manages projects. The top section is for "read-only" projects which user can only play around with them but isn't allowed to save the changes. And the bottom section is for "on-progress" projects. I think it needs a mechanism to move a project from bottom section to top section, say for a finished project. Yes, it will get messy if you get plenty of projects. This problem can be easily solved by folder mechanism, using Apple's standard gesture and behaviour for folder.

    One more thing, please add feature to rename projects. This seems to be simple, but sometimes it's important. Btw, how to add description to a project? Is there a special syntax for that? I tried to find menu/button for such function but I got no luck. :(

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