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[Action RPG] Looking for writer, map designers and beta-testers

edited May 2014 in General Posts: 119

Hey all,

I have been working on an action RPG the past couple of weeks. It will be Secret of Mana style RPG but with several unique features. Maps and quests will be randomly generated with each new gameplay. Each time you die, your character is added to the lore of the game which you can battle/interact/recruit at subsequent game plays. Your interaction with the major factions in the game will also change your relationship and strength of the faction. This will in turn affect future game plays. Each game (like NetHack) will take 1-3 hours depending on how far you progress, so dying is not so painful.

It is a little ambitious, but I have gotten most of the basic game and graphic engine done. Attacking, leveling, inventory, interaction, quest, dialogue, mapeditor, etc. I now need to seed the game with lots of different maps, quest dialogues and faction dialogues.

I am hoping to involve the codea community in three areas:
a) beta-testers (pm me your UDID)
b) Dialogue script writers
c) Map designer (using my custom-made mapeditor)

Perks: You can learn about making games, design maps for your own game, enjoy playing a prototype, etc.


PM me if you are interested :)


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