Action RPG Maker : Beta-tester needed

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Hi All,

I pivoted one of my project to create an Action RPG Maker for the iOS platform. Users with no programming background would be able to design, make and publish Action RPG Games. The project is now moving into the beta-stage and I am looking for 3-5 more beta testers who can give good comments on its functionality and design. Preferably someone who is keen to do his own RPG game for iOS.

I also just came across an earlier post by @Slashin8r. This is different in that it is Action RPG (think Secret of Mana) and the UI is standalone (i.e. this will be availale on appstore).

PM me if you are interested, or ask questions on this post! :)

Two of the development video:


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    Wow, that is pretty neat.

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    I would like to be considered for the beta testing.

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    This looks amazing, can I help beta test, too?

    (By the way, what happened to a sci-fi version of Heroes Quest?)

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    PM me with your UDID if you wish to be a beta-tester.

    @SkyTheCoder, yahs, I am putting that on the back-burner because there wasn't good traction with the early prototype. Plus the capital commitment was significant. Just didn't feel if that would be worthwhile. The RPG maker community seems like a more interesting group.

    I should have the first useable prototype by end of this week (i.e. mapeditor, item/monster editor and compiler)

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    V0.5 Development video. Most of the key components are up :)

    It's hard to type with one-hand and video with the other. :P

    If you have messaged me your UDID and email, I should be sending you the beta-version to test soon.

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    Still looking for Beta-testers. Pls PM me your UDID.

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    I'm currently working on an open world RPG, is it too late to apply?

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    More features in v0.8. Mostly backend mechanics.

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  • Wow, could I be a beta tester

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    @zapaper how many sprites in one map?

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    I'd like to beta test, looks cool so far

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    Hi, for those who wish to beta-test, pls send me your ipad UDID. Thanks!

    @Luatee, I estimate about 200-300 per frame. So it's down to 20-30fps.

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    @zapaper I guess that you have tried obvious things to keep the frame rate high like only drawing sprites that are actually on the screen?

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    Yup, there're some other code-optimization I can still do but I think it would be marginal.

    But 20-30 fps is alright for my purpose.

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    I'll beta test

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    Hey, I'd like to a beta tester. Am I late

    UDID: [Edit - removed for security reasons]

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    Please use Private messages to send your UUID

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    @Genericsky @Briarfox Especially on a non-Project Beta discussion, in which anyone can see it (without even needing a forum account)

    (If someone got your UDID you could get hacked)

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    This looks amazing! I will buy it for sure when it hits the store!

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    So sorry for the long hiatus. Had new additions to family, changed job and moved house. Planning to get back to this project next week and will reply to all your messages. Thanks for the interest!

  • Hey! This project looks so cool :) Great work.

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    I remember you showing me this to help with a problem I had months ago, never thought it would develop this well. nice job.

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    Hi all, for those who have sent me your udid, I would have sent u the latest development build. The engine is more or less complete. I would just need to add more reaources( monster, npc) to complete it. Message me if u did not get a message/email from me? Tks for your support!

  • Could I be a beta tester ?

  • That's awesome!!! I want in please

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    Thanks all who have come forward. I am still fixing up some of the minor bugs (including saving with savetext) before releasing the next build.

    In the meantime, here's a preview of some of the newer features:

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    If you have indicated interest to beta-test, I should have emailed you the instructions and builds. If you have not received the builds and email, please message me. Thanks!

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    I have migrated all the materials to the new site

    Most of the updates will also be available through the developer blog.!blog/c1h5c

    It is making good progress and the end is in sight! Did I mention that it would also be made available for iphone? :)

    Latest video

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    About when will it be published to the appstore? (What will tye price be aswell)

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    @zapaper how do you make your animations? (The walking and fighting animations)

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    @kire I really hope to get it out in the next 1-2 months. But there's always something to improve on. @llEmill most of my art are from opengameart. Then u just need to manage your key frames to get a reasonably smooth animation.

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    @llEmill - you look for spritesheets like this, which have a sequence of images for walking, running, fighting etc.

    Then you get Codea to cut the spritesheet up into individual images (using the image copy command), and you need to show them one after another in the right order, to make them look good.

    I wrote about it here.

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    I have added new features to the App. Mainly terraforming and customisation (you can upload your own spritesheets) and change the map as you play. e.g. farming, making islands etc.

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    HardCore [minecraft-] mode: You have smaller life count, harder diffuculty
    Commands: Setting time, spawning monsters
    Command Block: A command will be done
    Setting the World to online

  • One someone makes an RPG with your app, how will they publish their new RPG to the app store?

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    @UberGoober - I don't imagine you can, but perhaps what @zapaper can do is provide a way of sharing RPG designs between users of this app.

  • From OP:

    Users with no programming background would be able to design, make and publish Action RPG Games. I was just wondering what his intention was, there.

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    There is a game setting file which u can save and lock the app into. Then it's just submitting that build. Alternatively, I can do two versions. A reader and a writer. Reader can download the settings and custom files.
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