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Cross-platform Framework API; GitHub/DropBox; Refresh Project Button

edited October 2011 in Suggestions Posts: 6

Suggestions for my case.

I prefer to develop and test in notepad + + (windows). I only have one iPad and my wife and my daughter will not let me use it for a long period of time:)
I think this situation should be common in families ...

Three possibilities:

1) An abstraction of the platform (API) to be emulated on windows, linux and/or macosx. The community can help if the framework is open source.

2) Integrate with DropBox, GitHub.

3) A simple "Refresh project" button to use with Phone Disk or iExplorer saving directly from my pc.

Another question, it is intended to integrate some physics framework like Box2D or Chipmunk?


  • beebee
    Posts: 381

    Codea for OS X would be awesome and will solve sharing problems (both sharing the iPad and sharing the codes). :)

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,782

    John actually has some exciting demos on his version of Codea – he's started integrating Box2D. The toughest part is coming up with a simple API that works on the iPad on-screen keyboard.

  • +10 for Dropbox support :) :)

  • beebee
    Posts: 381

    For cloud sharing, I prefer native iCloud support first, then Dropbox/Boxnet/similar services second.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,782

    I don't think iCloud can share with other users though – only your other devices.

  • DylanDylan Admin Mod
    Posts: 121

    I have been thinking about adding Github support. It looks fairly straightforward. Figuring out a way to get Apple to allow it is the biggest issue of course.

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