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Editing a Codea Project in Xcode format.

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I was wondering if I can edit my Codea project in Xcode and use some of the tools the program provides. I want to do this because small things like adding text to a particular screen is more complicated in Codea, and I want to use Xcode's storyboard feature to accomplish that. However, I am just learning Xcode and I can't seem to find a way to do so. Does anyone know of a solution to this?



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    In the exported project's folder, there should be a .codea folder somewhere, and inside that is all your code. Edit the .lua files in the .codea folder and the app updates.

    And, to stop a future problem, I want to say that in order to use any Xcode/Objective-C features, you must code or find an addon for the Codea runtime to do it, and it's not too easy.

    (Terminology note to make @Zoyt happy: you don't learn Xcode, you either learn Objective-C or you learn how to use Xcode.)

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