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Making field move around character

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So for a game i want to have a character (maybe a circle for now) based in the middle of the screen, and all around it the screen moves. So instead of moving the circle, you're moving the everything around the circle in the direction opposite of whatever vector you moved would I go about making a feature like this?


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    Just translate drawing away from the player's position.

    translate(-player.x, -player.y)

    (Note: for drawing the player, first you have to do resetMatrix() or translate(pkayer.x, player.y) to put it back in the center)

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    Sky you're a champion at this..I have a few more nooby questions if you don't mind

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    I'm also confused with this. @SkyTheCoder could you give an example program?

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    Here's an example of what I think @SkyTheCoder meant

    function setup()
        player=vec2(WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2)--position of the player in the world
        origin=vec2(WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2)--position the player will be drawn at
        print("tilt to move")
    function draw()
        player = player-vec2(Gravity.x,Gravity.y)*10--move the player
        pushMatrix()--save the current transformation
        translate(player.x-origin.x,player.y-origin.y)--move screen in the opposite direction to player
        sprite("SpaceCute:Background",origin.x,origin.y,WIDTH)--draw the ground
        popMatrix()--reset the transformation
        sprite("Planet Cute:Character Boy",origin.x,origin.y)--draw the player in the middle of the screen
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