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importing new sound in xcode Codea project

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Hey there,

I have a question that has been bugging (!!!) me for the last few days. I hope this is not off topic, but here it is:

I exported my Codea project to xcode 5. All is good and works really well. Now I realize I need new audio assets. I made a m4v, copied the file where my other audio assets are (/Ressources/AssetPacks/dropbox:assetpacks/) and add a line in my lua code to play the sound. Exactly as I did for all the other working audio files.

For some reason, this doesn't work. I tried with graphic assets, and no luck either.

Am I missing something here?



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    I solved my issue. Xcode did register new assets until doing product -> clean!

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    Ok, I'm still having this strange issue, but with images.

    I cannot seem to import and use new images once my project is in xcode. The stuff I made in Codea works great, though.

    To import, the only way I mange is to, in xcode, right-click on "Dropbox.assetpack", select "Open in Finder", then copy my new image in that folder. Back in xcode, I go "Product", "Clean",

    When I change my lua code to use the new images, I get a "codeaimage expected, got nil" error.

    How do you guys import new assets once in xcode?

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    I drag the file into the directory in Xcode (not in finder) and then I clean the project

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    Can you do that? The thing is that I cannot drag anything to blue folders, only yellow ones. And I'm trying to put graphics in the same blue folder as the other ones, namely "dropbox:assetpack"

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    Weird, I think I am able to drag into the blue folders... Try opening the folder first?

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