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No sound on iPad

edited August 2014 in Questions Posts: 24

I hate to be a pain. There is no sound on my iPad. Is this a known issue or a problem on my box only?


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 9,415

    @swiftjuan Make sure the volume is turned up and run this. You should hear an explosion sound.

    function setup() sound(SOUND_EXPLODE, 9339) end
  • No Sound made. All other apps and mussic work. Just not codea.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,693

    @swiftjuan is your iPad on silent? I believe on silent music and movies will still play audio, so it could be misleading.

    As a last resort, try restarting your iPad and testing sound again.

  • you sir are correct. Thanks so much!

  • One more question. Can you uise custom aiff or mp3 sounds in a game?

  • Posts: 2,051

    @swiftjuan, yes you can. you can import them via Dropbox.

  • Posts: 105

    @swiftjuan if you want to import sound files via your pc

  • thanks all. I have copied them to dropbox but they do not show???

  • Posts: 1,976

    @swiftjuan Did you connect your Codea to your Dropbox, put it in your /Dropbox/Apps/Codea, and then sync it in Codea?

  • Posts: 256
    I just bought an ipad air, my pgms get error msg because sound location is invalid.. can anyone get me a pgm up to date...that plays a sound so I cud see how to load sound into the upgraded version ?...
  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 9,415

    @kendog400 I don’t know what you mean by sound location. Do any of the Codea examples that play sound work.

  • Posts: 171

    Sound works for me in my iPad Air 4, maybe the projects are out of date on your iPad @kendog400

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