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When creating a universal app, what is the best way to handle full screen pictures.

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When creating a universal app, what is the best way to handle full screen pictures. Al my photos are 1024x768 and of course look stretched on the iPhone 5 and smashed on the 4s. is there a way to not stretch them? what are your best recommendations? Thanks


  • Right now I am using WIDTH and HEIGHT to set there size, which makes them fit but stretched them.

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    @swiftjuan you want to use ratios, the best way I can think of to do this would be (assuming you have the WIDTH and HEIGHT values for all devices, also this may not work thinking about it):

    photosize = vec2(1024x768):normalize()
    photosize = photosize*vec2(WIDTH,HEIGHT):len()

    Or you could do that but only multiply it by the HEIGHT value if in landscape or the WIDTH value if it portrait.

  • A bit lost here. Can you give me an example for the iPhone 5 1136x640? The images are 1024x768 and look great on the iPad. i get a user data error when i try to use photosioze for height and width. Obviously I an not gett ing back a number, but a string i don't know how to convert to a number.

  •    ~ if deviceIsIpad() then
            bgW = WIDTH
            bgH = HEIGHT
            imageActualW = 1024
            imageActualH = 768
            local x = WIDTH / imageActualW - 1
            bgW = WIDTH *.75
            bgH = (imageActualH * x + imageActualH) * .75
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    ratioX, ratioY = WIDTH / 1024, HEIGHT / 768
    bgW, bgH = WIDTH * ratioX, HEIGHT * ratioY
  • ^ i will try that. my brain is telling me that that will skew the image. i might need a new brain :)

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