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Procedural generation of a dungeon?

edited November 2014 in Questions Posts: 192

Hello all,
Here is my first attempt at coding a roguelike sort of game:
The mechanics are simple enough. The player controls the pink square to move throughout the generated dungeon. There are no enemies, just simply a dungeon, which makes it more of a test than a real game. My question concerns the procedural generation, however. This cannot be the correct way to do it, can it? I generate 2 rooms(actually 3, but one is an extra passage that is not needed and is only 1x1 so is not really a room) and draw passageways between them. Is there a better way? If so, could you provide me with an example of procedural generation done correctly, because I have read all the tutorials and I still cannot get the hang of it. I know it is asking a lot, but help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,


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