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Game Suggestion

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I have recently working on this game called Dino Dash. In this game you play as a dinosaur who must eat everyone he sees. If you miss a person the game is over. What should I add? What should I change? Sorry about the sprites. I used custom sprites and so they do not line up right. Please leave a comment. Here is my code:

function setup() b1x=-100 --x of first person b1y=200 --y of first person b2x=-100 --x of second person b2y=150 --y of second person b3x=-100 --x of third person b3y=50 --y of third person lx=-100 ly=150 l2x=-300 l2y=150 l3x=-500 l3y=150 l4x=-700 l4y=150 l5x=-900 l5y=150 l6x=-1100 l6y=150 --^^^^^^^ these are the variables for the road marks score=0 --the score t=0 --the speed of animation movement x2=500 --tap to start text x y2=500 --tap to start text y rsx=-100 --x of rocket ship rsy=100 --y of rocket ship end function draw() r=math.random(-200, 200) --the random math for random people sy=CurrentTouch.y - 100 --setting the dino head to touch position sx=CurrentTouch.x - 100 --setting the dino head to touch position iy=CurrentTouch.y - 100 --setting dino image ix=CurrentTouch.x - 100 --setting dino image background(0, 112, 255, 255) --background sprite("Platformer Art:Block Brick", 500, 600, 1100, 600) --city background fill(88, 88, 88, 255) --road color rect(0, 0, WIDTH, 300) --road fill(183, 210, 13, 255) --road mark color lx=lx+t rect(lx, ly, 70, 20) if lx>WIDTH+70 then lx=-100 end l2x=l2x+t rect(l2x, l2y, 70, 20) if l2x>WIDTH+70 then l2x=-100 end l3x=l3x+t rect(l3x, l3y, 70, 20) if l3x>WIDTH+70 then l3x=-100 end l4x=l4x+t rect(l4x, l4y, 70, 20) if l4x>WIDTH+70 then l4x=-100 end l5x=l5x+t rect(l5x, l5y, 70, 20) if l5x>WIDTH+70 then l5x=-100 end l6x=l6x+t rect(l6x, l6y, 70, 20) if l6x>WIDTH+70 then l6x=-100 end --^^^^^^ road mark animation and placemnt b1x=b1x+t sprite("Planet Cute:Character Boy",b1x, b1y, 70, 70) --person 1 b2x=b2x+t sprite("Planet Cute:Character Princess Girl",b2x, b2y, 70, 70) --person 2 b3x=b3x+t sprite("Planet Cute:Character Cat Girl",b3x, b3y, 60, 60) --person 3 sprite("Tyrian Remastered:Blimp Boss Destroyed", sx, sy, 100) --dino head sprite("Tyrian Remastered:Brown Capsule 1", ix, iy, 100) --full dino rsx=rsx+t sprite("SpaceCute:Rocketship", rsx, rsy, 150) fill(0, 0, 0, 255) --text color fontSize(20) --score text size text(score, 100, 700) --score placement fontSize(100) --tap to start text size text("Tap To Start", x2, y2) --tap to start text placement if rsx>WIDTH+200 then rsx=-400 rsy=rsy+r --resetting the spaceship end if b1x ==1100 then t=0 b1x=-200 text(score, 500, 300) --if person 1 moves off screen then game over end if b2x ==1100 then t=0 b1x=-200 text(score, 500, 300) --if person 2 moves off screen then game over end if b3x ==1100 then t=0 b1x=-200 text(score, 500, 300) --if person 2 moves off screen then game over end if b1x==-200 then text("Game Over", 500, 500) --if person moves off screen then game over text end if b1y<20 or b1y>300 then b1y=300 --making sure person 1 doesnt move off the road. end if b2y<20 or b2y>300 then b2y=300 --making sure person 2 doesnt move off the road end if b3y<20 or b3y>300 then b3y=300 --making sure person 3 doesnt move off the road end if score>10 then t=6 end if score>20 then t=7 end if score>30 then t=8 end if score>40 then t=9 end if score>50 then t=10 end collision() end function collision() a=(sx-b1x-155)^2 b=(sy-b1y+90)^2 c=math.sqrt(a+b) if c<40 then score=score+1 b1x=-100 b1y=b1y+r sound("Game Sounds One:Pop 1") --collision for person 1 end a=(sx-b2x-155)^2 b=(sy-b2y+90)^2 c=math.sqrt(a+b) if c<40 then score=score+1 b2x=-100 b2y=b2y+r sound("Game Sounds One:Pop 1") --collision for person 2 end a=(sx-b3x-155)^2 b=(sy-b3y+90)^2 c=math.sqrt(a+b) if c<40 then score=score+2 b3x=-100 b3y=b3y+r sound("Game Sounds One:Pop 1") --collision for person 3 end if CurrentTouch.state == BEGAN then t=5 x2=-1000 y2=-1000 --moves game over text off screen end end


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited January 2015 Posts: 8,813

    @sawyer797 1.) When you post code, put 3 ~'s before and after your code so it formats correctly in the forum. I added them for you. 2.) You're code would be easier to read if it was indented properly. 3.) Looks like you need to learn about tables. 4.) Using your own sprites means that other people on the forum who don't have those sprites won't see your game the way it's supposed to run. 5.) I didn't try to run your code because there's no point because of the sprites. 6.) Because I didn't run it, I don't know anything else to comment on.

  • @dave1707 I have reposted this with sprites that you can use. The collision is no where close to right with the sprite images but it works.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 8,813

    @sawyer797 Remove the numbers -155 and +90 from your a and b statements in the function collision. That should help with the sprite collision.

  • edited January 2015 Posts: 136

    @sawyer797 maybe use a table, for loops, and math.random to make more spawning, and also spawn different items. you might find something like this cooler. Try increasing how many times it draws(drawCount), and the speed(speed). I didn't test this, tell me if there is a problem with it, or if you have a question.

    function setup()
    people = {}
    type = {}
    p = {}
    drawCount = 3
    speed = 2
    for i = 0, drawCount do
    temp = math.random(1,3)
    if type[i] == 1 then sprite("Planet Cute:Character Pink Girl")
    elseif type[i] == 2 then sprite("Planet Cute:Character Boy")
    else type[i] == 3 then sprite("Planet Cute:Character Princess Girl")
    p[i] = vec2(math.random(WIDTH, WIDTH*2), 100)
    function draw()
    for i = 0, drawCount do
    img = type[i]
    translate(p[i].x, p[i].y)
    p[i].x = p[i].x - speed
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