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Longboard Skert

edited January 2015 in Code Sharing Posts: 1

Here is the code for a new game I am creating. Please tell me what you think of it. Any suggestions would be great.

function setup() bird= physics.body (CIRCLE,25) bird.position=vec2(300,500) bird.x=385 bird.y=3/4*HEIGHT bird.gravityScale=0 xt=-1 yt=0 xspeed=10 xl=0 yl=HEIGHT xl2=WIDTH yl2=HEIGHT rx=124 r2x=210 r3x=297 r4x=385 r5x=472 r6x=558 r7x=645 ry=HEIGHT/5 r2y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) r3y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) r4y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) r5y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) r6y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) r7y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) rheight=150 rwidth=78 rspeed=200 ewidth=140 eheight=200 esize=10 gx=WIDTH/2 gy=HEIGHT/2 gy2=-HEIGHT/2 cspeed=math.random(8,20) cspeed2=math.random(8,20) cspeed3=math.random(8,20) cspeed4=math.random(8,20) cspeed5=math.random(8,20) cspeed6=math.random(8,20) cspeed7=math.random(8,20) scores=0 fastcar="Documents:fast car3" car2="Documents:car2" car3="Documents:car2" car4="Documents:car2" car5="Documents:car2" car6="Documents:car2" car7="Documents:car2" colx=5 coly=10 end function draw() background(40, 40, 50) sprite("Documents:gme bk",gx,gy,WIDTH,HEIGHT+20) sprite("Documents:gme bk",gx,gy2,WIDTH,HEIGHT+20) sprite("Documents:car2",rx,ry,rwidth,rheight) sprite(car2,r2x,r2y,rwidth,rheight) sprite(car3,r3x,r3y,rwidth,rheight) sprite(car4,r4x,r4y,rwidth,rheight) sprite(car5,r5x,r5y,rwidth,rheight) sprite(car6,r6x,r6y,rwidth,rheight) sprite(car7,r7x,r7y,rwidth,rheight) sprite("Documents:color board",bird.x,bird.y,ewidth,eheight) if xt>=0 and yt>=0 then ry=ry+cspeed r2y=r2y+cspeed2 r3y=r3y+cspeed3 r4y=r4y+cspeed4 r5y=r5y+cspeed5 r6y=r6y+cspeed6 r7y=r7y+cspeed7 gy=gy+7 gy2=gy2+7 scores=scores if gy>=HEIGHT/2+HEIGHT then gy=-HEIGHT/2 end if gy2>=HEIGHT/2+HEIGHT then gy2=-HEIGHT/2 end if CurrentTouch.state == BEGAN then if xt<=WIDTH/2 then if bird.x>=100 then bird.x=bird.x-xspeed end end if xt>=WIDTH/2 then if bird.x<=WIDTH-100 then bird.x=bird.x+xspeed end end end if CurrentTouch.state == MOVING then if xt<=WIDTH/2 then if bird.x>=100 then bird.x=bird.x-xspeed end end if xt>=WIDTH/2 then if bird.x<=WIDTH-100 then bird.x=bird.x+xspeed end end end if ry>=HEIGHT then ry=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) cspeed=math.random(8,20) end if r2y>=HEIGHT then r2y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) cspeed2=math.random(8,20) end if r3y>=HEIGHT then r3y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) cspeed3=math.random(8,20) end if r4y>=HEIGHT then r4y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) cspeed4=math.random(8,20) end if r5y>=HEIGHT then r5y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) cspeed5=math.random(8,20) end if r6y>=HEIGHT then r6y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) cspeed6=math.random(8,20) end if r7y>=HEIGHT then r7y=math.random(-HEIGHT,0) cspeed7=math.random(8,20) end if bird.x>=rx-rwidth/2-colx and bird.x<=rx+rwidth/2+colx and bird.y>=ry-coly-rheight/2 and bird.y<=ry+rheight/2+coly then restart() end if bird.x>=r2x-rwidth/2-colx and bird.x<=r2x+rwidth/2+colx and bird.y>=r2y-coly-rheight/2 and bird.y<=r2y+rheight/2+coly then restart() end if bird.x>=r3x-rwidth/2-colx and bird.x<=r3x+rwidth/2+colx and bird.y>=r3y-coly-rheight/2 and bird.y<=r3y+rheight/2+coly then restart() end if bird.x>=r4x-rwidth/2-colx and bird.x<=r4x+rwidth/2+colx and bird.y>=r4y-coly-rheight/2 and bird.y<=r4y+rheight/2+coly then restart() end if bird.x>=r5x-rwidth/2-colx and bird.x<=r5x+rwidth/2+colx and bird.y>=r5y-coly-rheight/2 and bird.y<=r5y+rheight/2+coly then restart() end if bird.x>=r6x-rwidth/2-colx and bird.x<=r6x+rwidth/2+colx and bird.y>=r6y-coly-rheight/2 and bird.y<=r6y+rheight/2+coly then restart() end if bird.x>=r7x-rwidth/2-colx and bird.x<=r7x+rwidth/2+colx and bird.y>=r7y-coly-rheight/2 and bird.y<=r7y+rheight/2+coly then restart() end if cspeed2>=18 then car2=fastcar end if cspeed2<18 then car2="Documents:car2" end if cspeed3>=18 then car3=fastcar end if cspeed3<18 then car3="Documents:car2" end if cspeed4>=18 then car4=fastcar end if cspeed4<18 then car4="Documents:car2" end if cspeed5>=18 then car5=fastcar end if cspeed5<18 then car5="Documents:car2" end if cspeed6>=18 then car6=fastcar end if cspeed6<18 then car6="Documents:car2" end if cspeed7>=18 then car7=fastcar end if cspeed7<18 then car7="Documents:car2" end strokeWidth(5) end end function touched(touch) xt = touch.x yt = touch.y end


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