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A quick comparison profiling of 3 ways of drawing meshes

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Here's a quick profiler comparing different ways of drawing meshes. Similar tests have been done before of course, so I think it's quite well known how much faster the setRect method is than repeated calls to translate. Unfortunately, method 2 here, moving a single mesh around, is only slightly faster than the slowest method, method 3, having an individual mesh for each object.

Although this is for 2D, I'm interested in the implications for 3D. I think that for an acceptable voxel system, you'd need to write an addCube, setCube function. Or if anyone can make method 2 run faster...

--# Main -- 2D Mesh Profiling function setup() methods = {Box, Box2, Box3} parameter.integer("number",200,5000,500) parameter.integer("method", 1,3,1) parameter.action("INITIALISE", initialise) profiler.init() for i=1,#methods do print("Method "..i..": "..methods[i].doc) end initialise() end function draw() background(40, 40, 50) for i=1, #object do object[i]:draw() end if method==1 then Box.mesh:draw() end --just one draw operation with rectangle method profiler.draw() end function initialise() object={} Box.mesh:clear() collectgarbage() for i=1,number do object[i]=methods[method]() end end profiler={} function profiler.init() profiler.del=0 profiler.c=0 profiler.fps=0 profiler.mem=0"profiler.fps")"profiler.mem") end function profiler.draw() profiler.del = profiler.del + DeltaTime profiler.c = profiler.c + 1 if profiler.c==10 then profiler.fps=profiler.c/profiler.del profiler.del=0 profiler.c=0 profiler.mem=collectgarbage("count", 2) end end --# Box Box = class() Box.doc = "The objects are drawn as rectangles on a single mesh using setRect. No translation used" local size=20 Box.mesh=mesh() Box.mesh.texture=readImage("Platformer Art:Block Brick") function Box:init() self.pos = vec2(math.random(WIDTH),math.random(HEIGHT)) self.angle = math.random(2*math.pi) self.vel = vec2(math.random(11)-6,math.random(11)-6) self.angleVel=(math.random()-0.5)*.02 self.col=color(math.random(255), math.random(255), math.random(255)) self:add(self.pos, self.angle) end function Box:draw() --nb no need for translate or rotate self:move() self.mesh:setRect(self.rect, self.pos.x, self.pos.y, size, size, self.angle) end function Box:move() self.pos = self.pos + self.vel if self.pos.x > WIDTH + size then self.pos.x = - size elseif self.pos.x < - size then self.pos.x = WIDTH + size end if self.pos.y > HEIGHT + size then self.pos.y = - size elseif self.pos.y < - size then self.pos.y = HEIGHT + size end self.angle = self.angle + self.angleVel end function Box:add(pos,ang) self.rect=self.mesh:addRect(pos.x,pos.y,size,size,ang) self.mesh:setRectTex(self.rect,0,0,1,1) self.mesh:setRectColor(self.rect, self.col) end --# Box2 Box2 = class(Box) --a subclass, just changes add and draw Box2.doc = "A single mesh with a single rectangle is drawn repeatedly over the screen using translate/ rotate/ setColors to set positions/ angle/ colour" local size = 20 Box2.mesh=mesh() Box2.mesh.texture=readImage("Platformer Art:Block Brick") Box2.mesh:addRect(0,0,size,size) --a single rectangle this time function Box2:draw() self:move() pushMatrix() translate(self.pos.x,self.pos.y) rotate(math.deg(self.angle)) self.mesh:setColors(self.col) --self.mesh here is actually Box2.mesh. Weird, huh? self.mesh:draw() popMatrix() end function Box2:add() -- empty function so that we don't inherit the add function from Box end --# Box3 Box3 = class(Box) Box3.doc = "Each object has its own mesh, drawn using translate/ rotate to set positions/ angle." function Box3:draw() --just one line different (no need to set colour) compared to Box2 self:move() pushMatrix() translate(self.pos.x,self.pos.y) rotate(math.deg(self.angle)) self.mesh:draw() popMatrix() end function Box3:add() self.mesh=mesh() --a separate mesh for each instance self.mesh.texture=readImage("Platformer Art:Block Brick") Box.add(self,vec2(0,0),0) end


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    If you comment out the mesh:draw line in the Box2 class, the FPS is just as high as method 1. So it's all the calls to draw, rather than the translate/rotate calls, that slow it down.

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    My 3D library has an addBlock function that can also be used to reset a previously defined block in a mesh.

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    Is that library on Codea Community? Or is there a gist of it somewhere?

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    Ok, I found your shapes library and addBlock on GitHub. For others reading, it's here

    Thanks for the tip!

    The voxel thing would be some point in the future, a bit too much on my plate at present

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