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V1CTR: Arcade-style action

So a year or two ago, some fellow students and I made a game for a school project. It was about as simple as you would expect- you were a square and you shot squares at other squares. Oddly enough, though, when I showed it to my friends, they loved it. They got addicted to this simple game of fighting squares. Since then, I've taken the baby code my teammates and I pieced together and used Codea to flush it out into a full iPad game. The result is V1CTR (pronounced "Victor"), a top-down, arcade-style, roguelike action game. There are plenty of features to it- level ups, upgrades, randomized enemies, multiple play styles- but above all, I focused on the core feature that first got my friends excited- the combat is engaging, addicting, rewarding, and exciting, whether you're at the end of your first play-through or the start of your 50th. You can get V1CTR for $0.99 on the iPad store, and I've personally made sure that you'll get your money's worth.


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