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3d moving ground

edited September 2015 in Questions Posts: 27

I want to start my first 3d project. I have tried codea for a couple of years, but I really don't understand how 3d works.

To my project. I want to make a running game, where you run through a forrest or something and have to move left or right to avoid the trees. You run automatically. ( a game like this is in the appstore i think it was into the dead or something )
The main idea I have is, that the ground and the trees are moving in the direction of the player and the player only moves left and right. ( by taping left or right side of the screen ) is this good?
But I don't know how to make this possible, how to draw this ground textures and the trees ( only 3d rects for the moment ) and make that all moving in 3d.
Has somebody a good tutorial anywhere how to handle with 3d or can explain me if this is a good idea how to make it?
Thank you very much


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