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Fallout Terminal

Hey guys, a wile back I made a very crude, string based vault 87 themed overseer terminal and I hope to get some feed back. Enjoy :D

--# Main function setup() parameter.action("Clear Terminal Screen", function() output.clear() end ) print "__________________________________\nHello, welcome to the Vault 87 Overseer terminal. When typing don't use caps, disregard punctuation and spaces. Type 'poweron' to beginand to exit, double tap on the right.\n__________________________________" poweron = "Hello Overseer, what would you like to do?\nVaultesch Files\nResidents\nFEV Files" residents = "Residents\n__________________________________\n ALL DATA REMOVED BY OVERSEER\n__________________________________" fevfiles = "FEV Files\nStrains\nTests\nThe Forced Evolutionary Virus" strains = "Strains\nMariposa Strain\nVault 87 Strain\nCurling-13 Strain\nPresident Eden Strain" mariposastrain = "Mariposa Strain\nThe origional strain developed at the Mariposa Millitary Base to create an army of 'Super Soldiers' to win the great war. Other creatures were created as well, such as centaurs and 'Harold'. Some reminants of the army still resides in the Mojave" vault87strain = "Vault 87 Strain\nA modified FEV strain for vault 87 to make another army, but without a leader. It created genderless, sterile 'soldiers' who's size increases and intelligence decreases with age. This strain also produces centaurs and other abominations" curling13strain = "Curling 13 Starin\nDeveloped by the Enclave designed to (DATA EXPUGED) and rid the American wasteland of supermutants." presidentedenstrain = "President Eden Strain\nMade to destroy all mutant life in the wasteland by(DATA EXPUNGED)" theforcedevolutionaryvirus = "Forced Evolutionary Virus\nThe Forced Evolutionary Virus, or FEV as it's more commonly known, is one major cause of mutations in the post-war nuclear wasteland. Radiation alone is not enough to induce the sorts of changes commonly seen in super mutants and other creatures; generally speaking, the only lasting effects of exposure to gamma and other forms of radioactivity are hair loss, internal bleeding, cancers and ultimately, death." tests = "Tests\n__________________________________\n ALL DATAEXPUNGED BY OVERSEER\n__________________________________" overseerpersonalfiles = "\nVaultech Info\nVault Inititiative\n" vaultechinfo = "" end function touched(touch) if touch.tapCount == 2 and touch.state == ENDED then close() end end


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