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Pi Draw

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Hello fellow coders,
I may just be the only person excited about pi day on these forums, but for the fun of it, I created a little pi draw app. Please go here for much more information, a video, and a few images I made. To get the code, go here.
P.S. And if you were curious, I am considered a nerd at my school. I have 40 digits of pie memorized. In only 7th grade.
Update: Pi Draw version two I just released. Updated the link. It adds a background. By the way, it's a pie. Don't get it mixed up.



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    Pi Draw version two I just released. Updated the link. It adds a background. By the way, it's a pie.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Very nice! Drawing with numbers is cool, I like the random rotations. Even cooler that it's Pi — I didn't know it was π day.

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    The 14th @Simeon. By the way, in the update with the random pi colors, let me know if there is a better and faster way to do that.

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    Hey @Zoyt - Very nice effect :D

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    Thanks! My friends love to play with it too... What's coming? Numbers will be spaced out.

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    Hi Zoyt,
    Just quick note to say that I have checked out your site a couple of times. Neat !!!

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    Thanks @Bri_G! I would love it if you gave me some ideas about it on my other thread about my website. There is more coming still...

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    Of course, it's only going to be pi day if you live in a country that writes its dates backwards. The rest of the world celebrates pi day on the 1st of May(1).

    1. think about it ... 

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    You have a point @Andrew_Stacey... :-))

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    Wouldn't pi day be July 22 in Europe? ( 22/7 )

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    Shouldn't it be the 26th of April (25th of April for leap years)?

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    Around 3:08:29 everyday. However, I'm not sure exactly, I've been running the calculation looking for the exact time for the last 30 years and it hasn't completed yet. I think it should be done in the next year and a half. Possibly I could have saved all that time if I went with @Henryaz and went with 22:07 instead.

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    Nice demo, @Zoyt :)

    Everyone discussing Pi Day though - seems Tau is where it's at!

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    As a professional mathematician, I can officially declare that tau is a complete waste of time.

    To explain 1st May, the Americans think that 14th March is pi day because they write dates Month/Day so 14th March is 3/14 and it isn't a long stretch to write that as 3.14. In England, we write dates the correct way as Day/Month so we would write 14th March as 14/3 which isn't anything special. The closest to pi we could get would be 31/4 or 3/14. So that's either 31st April or the 3rd of the 14th month. The first of these is actually 1st May, and in England then 1st May is a national holiday though they call it may day instead of pi day. Otherwise, we'd have to celebrate pi day on the 3rd of February, but it would always be next year so we'd never get to celebrate it[1].

    [1] In the spirit of Lewis Carroll: "Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but never jam today"

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    In England, we write dates the correct way as Day/Month

    Yes, yes we do. :D

    At the risk of derailing this conversation, why do you say that tau is a waste of time? It seems as though just defining it to be 2 * pi makes some things a lot more convenient.

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    Because that is all that it does: it allows us to write any expression with 2π in it as an expression using τ. But then any expression with just π in it becomes an expression in τ/2. Moreover, it doesn't gain us anything because in a piece using angles, no-one could reuse the symbol π to mean a different angle because of the risk of confusion. We use up a new symbol without freeing the old one, and the number of symbols available to us is quite limited.

    Half seriously, if you wanted to decide on a new angle to be the angle, you should choose π/2. That's a serious angle. There are so many concepts built on things being orthogonal to each other, many many more than 2π, and concepts are more important than formulae. In fact, τ does look a bit like half a π. So we really ought to be using τ for π/2. I think that's a great idea.

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    When I'm sipping my coffee four days before Christmas, reading that the world hasn't actually ended, again, it will be 2012-12-21. When I am sipping my coffee on PI day, it will be 2012-03-14.

    As a programmer, the only useful convention for dates or datetimes is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss ...

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    To which the only sensible rejoinder is to quote Ford Prefect:

    time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so

    (written whilst eating lunch)

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    I vote that every day should be pie day.

    (written while thinking of eating a pie.)

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    @jlslate - You've got me drooling... Blueberry pie, raspberry pie, pumpkin pie, cow pie, pi pie, :-(( I'll steel my neighbor's pie sitting in her window sill :-"

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    Happy Pi Day everyone! (Atleast in America) Almost done with a new version of Pu draw that use physics. Theyre all in a box and you'll be able to drag them. And you will be able to set the rate they stream from your fingers.

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