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IOS 9.3.4 crash supposedly on ipv6 network ?

I'm trying to submit a new update to Apple and it gets rejected,
but I cannot duplicate the issue, even when using NAT64 from my Macbook.

Review claims the app crashes right after combining the last 2 circles,
when using ipv6, and that's when the app submits a game center score.

Has anyone else noticed any issues like that with Codea?
Like I said I cannot replicate this at all on my ipad air.


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    Looking at game center code ... why do we return 1 by default ?

    static int gamecenter_enabled(struct lua_State* L)
    lua_pushboolean(L, [GameCenterAddon sharedInstance].gameCenterEnabled);

    return 1;


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    Oh crap, reviewer was signed out of game center,
    and I was still submitting since I had an error ...
    if gamecenter.enabled then
    instead of
    if gamecenter.enabled() then

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    That brings me to another question ...

    Is it possible to get the highest score from game
    centre into lua for the currently logged in player ?

    Something like ... gamecenter.getScore(id) ?

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