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Sound effect format

Hi, so I've been successfully using AAC (M4a) files for music.

I've seen that sound effects can be both generated but also a sound file. When I try to import a sound file into dropbox and use sound to select it, it can't find the sound which makes me think that a sound file is looking for a different format to music.

Do you know what file type its looking for?




  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    @Majormorgan Have you tried a forum search for sound file types. To answer your question, that's what I would have to do.

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    Thanks @dave1707 – I've searched and searched - there's nothing I've found as yet that tells me what format sound files need to be. I had assumed that sound playback of files was the same as the music ones. I've been able to import aac for music via dropbox, yet sound files appear to be looking for another format as nothing shows, even the music files...

    Thanks for checking in. Much appreciated!

  • @Simeon I don't suppose you know how I can get a sound effect file from drop box into Codea? I've been able to do it with music files in aac format (M4a) but I can't see what format codea is looking for with the sound effects (I can access the 3rd party sound effects you have in codea via sound command). Thanks

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    If you export the bundled sound effect packs to a computer, you can see what file formats they contain. .wav .m4a and .caf

    I agree that it'd be less ambiguous if the Codea asset-handling commands didn't strip out the file suffix.

  • Thanks @yojimbo2000 - I'll check it out.

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