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Biology Nerd Stuff- Chi-Squared calculator

edited November 2016 in Code Sharing Posts: 71

For anyone who took a bunch of biology courses in college or remember it from high school- you may remember the chi-squared equation. Basically what is does is it takes a list of expected results and a list of the results you got, and through the power of statistics, figures out whether the differences between your results and the expected were caused by chance or by human error/experiment error. It's a cool equation and all, but if you've got more than two rows of data that you're comparing, it gets rather tedious. I wrote this chunk of code to make the whole process a lot faster. All you've got to do is type in your data and your expected results in the specified table, and it figures out to 95% certainty whether the difference was due to chance (accepted), or error (rejected). Anyways, I'll shut up now and post the link to the code. Have fun!

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