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Csound language (Programming Language for Sound Design)

edited March 2012 in General Posts: 29

Something I found interesting on Synthtopia Blog

Good days ahead for the iPad Synth heads :)

Boulanger Labs has announced that they are bringing Csound – an open-source programming language designed for sound design, music synthesis, and signal processing – to the iPad.

Csound Touch is a new app that lets you to render, process, compose, and perform with the Csound language. To accommodate various experience levels, Csound Touch comes with a large collection of synthesis, signal processing, and MIDI instruments waiting to be played and customized. Tutorials, manuals, and examples are also provided to help new users learn Csound.

Built upon and synchronized with the latest version of Csound5
Real-time rendering of virtually any .csd file
MIDI control of virtually any Csound-based MIDI instrument
GUI control of instruments with sliders, knobs, xy controls and a keyboard
Selections from Dr. Boulanger’s Csound Instrument Catalog
Documentation to further your Csound knowledge, including:
Chapter 1 of The Csound Book, Csound Manual, FLOSS Manual, and more
Import/export audio via Dropbox, AudioCopy, or Email

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