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3D Modeling software

I have an older brother who is borderline obsessed with 3D sculpting, and there aren't very many good free ones out there. The one he's been dying for is zBrush, but it's just too expensive. I've appealed to you guys to see if anyone of you have a code or some way to get it free. Thank you in advance! I really need this, so if anybody can, please contribute! Thanks again!



  • How much is it?

  • Has he tried Blnder? I know it's probably not quite as nice but it's a good start!

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    I'm sure you know that's Blender and it is free and pretty sophisticated.

    Does anyone know of software where you can take and object file and texture it -- SIMPLY, I struggle with Blender and am trying to use Wings3D at the moment?

  • @EvanDavis the program is about $800 USD. Also, @Bri_G, he tried blender but it just wasn't his cup of tea. It was very difficult for him, and he likes sculpting rather than just 3D modeling.
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    Blender does have a sculpt mode too.

    The Autodesk offerings (Maya, Cinema 4D etc) all seem to be subscription now. Even the light version of Maya is £25/ month (full version is £170 per month). I think if you're a student though, you might be able to get 3 years at a discounted (or maybe free?) rate.

  • @yojimbo2000 I'll tell him about those things. It's just that he's been nagging for so long for zBrush. He's been looking at so many, but zBrush definitely stood out for him. Thanks!
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    Just so you know Zbrush has a student discount that takes it down to about $400 USD

  • @EvanDavis still a bit too expensive, but thanks everybody for their contribution. I'll find some way, thanks everybody once again!

  • Yeah I know, 400 bucks is a crap load of money. I'll keep looking around for you.

  • @EvanDavis thanks so much!

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    If you he is more into hard-surface-modeling then I'd recommend - It was going viral for some time but now there is a wave of silence around it .. still a nice app though.

  • I am kinda looking into 3D modeling, and want to know what's the difference between hard modeling and not?

  • Autodesk (the few programs i use of theirs) have been free since I'm a student. I think that applies to all their software as well.

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    zBrush core is 150usd, might be worth a look

  • @Jaybob I saw that, but if I'm gonna buy it, I might as well go big

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