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Chromix - Some random puzzle game I made

So, a few weeks ago, I came up with an idea for a cool little puzzle game. I ended up with Chromix.

Using 2.3.7, you can import the attached ZIP file to play it yourself.

Here's how to play (it's pretty simple):
* Drag the orbs from the bottom into the circle. Drag it between 2 other orbs to place it in between.
* The game will end once you get 18 orbs (too many).
* To get rid of orbs, tap on an orb that either
- The neighboring orbs are the same color as the orb you tapped on (2x the points)
- The neighboring orbs are on either side of the rainbow relative to the orb you tapped on (E.G. You can tap on a green orb that is between a blue and a yellow orb)
* You can chain combinations. Chaining gives you a lot of points. (EG. if you have 5 purple orbs in a row, you can tap on the middle one. It'll change to 3 orbs, then those 3 will combine.)

Let me know what your highest score is!

Also, there are some minor bugs, I don't know what is causing them or how to fix them. They rarely happen though.

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