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Cc — Documents

AnatolyAnatoly Mod
edited September 2017 in Code Sharing Posts: 891


Hello, it's me tokout, remember my last project? Mine Field! Win5! However today I release another project. I have called it Cc as of CC as Codea Craft/ Codea Logo. I had no idea how to call it. Using this name I started creating the real goal behind it – Image Manipulating.


You can get the source codes for the project here:

There is one desaturate filter which uses a filter from Documents (also a FLIP filter if I'm not wrong). Copy the Basic:Invert filter. When moving to documents rename it to Desaturate. Edit Fragment Line 23 from gl_FragColor = vec4( (1.0 - col.rgb) * col.a, col.a) to gl_FragColor = vec4((col.r+col.g+col.b)*brightness) and add anywhere outside of void main { ... } this: uniform lowp float brightness; (wished to be added under uniform lowp sampler2D texture;).
Read about the noise filter below


Example of images being made with this: [IMGUR ALBUM, SCREENSHOT]


  • Fix Noise Filter, it's permamently brocken and needs a good formula, it would be nice if you had a good noise filter!
  • Fix Camera problems (Adding camera to image)
  • Start the Text Document Edits
  • Find Bugs
  • Slideshow of Images (See the complety commented class SlideShow = {}; crashes codea)
  • Add smooth scrolling in Lobby.
  • More Filters.

Thank you very much! Any help appreciated! Enjoy!

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