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Can you apply shaders to things drawn with the 2D tools?

Shaders are only for 3D objects, right?

If I apply a shader when I'm drawing some things using ellipse() for example, the shaders not gonna affect those ellipses, right?

In order to apply a shader to 2D art, I'd have to draw that art to a texture that was on a mesh, is that correct?



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    Found something here by the esteemed @Ignatz, praise be his name!

    Below is my effort to generalize it into code that can be used as a dependency by anyone.

    I can't say it's robustly tested, but I can say it's currently working as a dependency in my own projects.

    I hope it's of help to the next traveler this way...

    --# Main --Shader2D --A way to apply (possibly any) 3D shaders to 2D drawing environments --can be used in (possibly any) other projects as a dependency, by following the instructions below function setup() --your setup function needs two things --1: call Shader2D.setup() with the shader, your 2Ddrawing function, and a shader updater --2: setup up any initial values your shader needs *directly on the Shader2D* Shader2D.setup(shader("Effects:Ripple"), draw2DsStuff, shaderUpdates) Shader2D.mesh.shader.freq = 2 end function draw() -- you already passed your 2D drawing function to Shader2D, so in this function just call: Shader2D.draw() end function draw2DsStuff() --an example of a 2D drawing function background(40, 40, 50) strokeWidth(5) fill(214, 226, 116, 255) spriteMode(CORNER) sprite("Cargo Bot:Game Area", 0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT) ellipse(WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2,HEIGHT/3) end function shaderUpdates() --a sample updater: this is what the ripple shader needs every frame Shader2D.mesh.shader.time = ElapsedTime end --# CustomFunctions Shader2D = {} function Shader2D.setup(thisShader, this2DDrawer, thisShaderUpdater) --creates the mesh and its texture and defines the drawing functions Shader2D.screen = image(WIDTH,HEIGHT) Shader2D.mesh = mesh() Shader2D.mesh:addRect(0,0,WIDTH,HEIGHT) Shader2D.mesh.shader = thisShader Shader2D.mesh.texture = Shader2D.screen Shader2D.draw2D = this2DDrawer Shader2D.updateShader = thisShaderUpdater end function Shader2D.draw() --draws the stored 2D drawing function to the mesh texture setContext(Shader2D.screen) Shader2D.draw2D() setContext() translate(WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2) --updates the shader and draws the mesh if Shader2D.updateShader ~= nil then Shader2D.updateShader() end Shader2D.mesh:draw() end
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    Shaders are applied to meshes. Meshes can be displayed in 2D or 3D. 2D is orthogonal projection, with all the objects as planes perpendicular to the camera. Codea's addRect/ setRect API is the best way to display meshes in 2D.

    You can't as far as I know, apply a shader to the 2D primitive drawing commands (ellipse etc). Partly, this is because I believe the ellipse itself is drawn with a shader.

  • @UberGoober Looking over your posted code, am I right in thinking that it's setting up a full screen mesh, drawing the 2D operations onto the mesh, and then applying the shader to that mesh?

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    @mindless that's correct, I think. It's not my code originally but that's what it looks like to me too.

    @yojimbo2000 I don't know anything about addRect/setRect, I'll have to look into that. As far as applying shader to an ellipse() command, I believe that's what this code does. If you run it, it draws an ellipse and then puts a ripple on it.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    Anything that’s drawn on the mesh texture is modified by the shader. Shader2D.screen is an image the size of the screen. The sprite Cargo Bot:Game area is drawn on it along with an ellipse.

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    Yes that's the point, this is a modular pre-rolled solution that lets you keep all your existing 2D drawing and easily lay a shader on top of it. It handles the 3D part for you, almost all you need to do is pick a shader and rename your existing draw function.

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