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Great things about the 2.5 update

edited October 2017 in General Posts: 1,629

Just wanted to start a thread where I call out all the great improvements as I notice them. I know a lot of hard work went into this, and I imagine that if I were on the other end I would enjoy knowing that it was appreciated.

So far:

  • Craft, obviously!
  • Is it my imagination or did you boost the colors a little? Or deepen the black of the background? Maybe my eyes are playing tricks but the code editor looks a lot more vibrant and crisp.
  • I notice the code editor is actually a but snappier in terms of responsiveness to selection and cut and paste commands, etc. Again maybe my mind is playing tricks but it sure feels faster.
  • The new quick-cut-paste icons! Those are great and a great time-saver.
  • My old code still works! I haven't tested all of it, but perfect marks so far. This might seem like a small thing, but to me it's a big thing: keeping old code working is never a guarantee with updates to development environments cough Apple cough. Good job guys.
  • I'm gonna be embarrassed if this is also something that was in previous versions, but it sure seems like re-organizing the tabs works better than I remember. You can tap anywhere on the tab to drag it, and when you're moving the tab, it animates so that the tab follows your finger even a little bit outside the tab bar, all of which just feels more natural.
  • OMG individual undo buttons in the replace all list! It is to squee.

...and more to come I'm sure. GTG ATM. Others are welcome to share their appreciations if they want!



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