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Classes and blank files

edited April 2012 in Questions Posts: 7

Hey, I'm new to Codea and I was wondering what are classes and blank files for? I know I can put more code on them but how would I be able to "link" that code with my main code and use it then. Are there any sites for tips and tutorials such as these? ( I checked the wiki, but most of the links are broken)

Thanks in advance.


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Classes are identical to blank files except they include a basic class template using the name that you specify. This just saves you some typing if you intend to make a class.

    All the code is executed when you press play — so your classes will be available to all your other files.

    For example, if you create a class called MyClass, you can create an instance in your setup() function as follows:

    function setup()
        foo = MyClass()
        -- Do things with foo... 
    function draw()
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    @Simeon So if I have a different function setup in MyClass but in the main file I write foo = MyClass() it will run that setup? (same goes for draw?)

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    foo = MyClass() would make foo an instance of MyClass and run MyClass:init().

    If you used foo:draw() after that, it would run the code in MyClass:draw()

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