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Why Cubemaps

edited November 2017 in Codea Craft Posts: 2,728

Hi All,

Can someone explain to me why Cubemaps are used in the planet generator example provided in Craft, and how. I have used a simple texture wrapped to a sphere, I know there is distortion there and I assume that the cube map reduces that effect but it seems a lot of work for the system when wrapping a simple texture would suffice in most cases.

Another question is the displacement mapping. This probably reproduces a better height effect but it doesn’t really give the effect seen on real planets, the height we see in reality is a relatively thin crust on a large radius planet which looks more like a smooth sphere. When using the displacement lowering it reduces the surface to predominantly water. I would have thought that depth would not be shown for anything below sea level and height should reflect all above sea level.

I’m looking for a way to simply texture a Planet from within Craft. Anyone played around with this?

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