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supportedOrientations doesn't work

At the top of my main file I have supportedOrientations(LANDSCAPE_ANY). This should prevent the device from going to portrait mode. However, when I run the project, I can change to any orientation. I have tried this on some of the test projects and it appears impossible to lock orientation on those too. I'm confused.


  • I've seen this post, but I'm not using AirCode so that isn't the problem.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited June 2018 Posts: 9,989

    @disorientedperson It’s a known problem that was reported a while back. The response was that it’s being replaced with something different in a future release. I think I posted it somewhere in the Codea 3.0 discussion, not sure though.

    EDIT: My report for supportedOrientation not working is on the 2nd page of the Codea 3.0 discussion.

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    @disorientedperson It may be that you are putting it in the setup() function, instead put it before:

    function setup()
         -- Your setup
  • @CamelCoder I have it before the setup function, but it doesn’t work.

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