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Remote Editing

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Hi All,

On another thread when it suddenly occurred to me that it would be nice if you could cast the iPad screen onto a Mac/PC and use an external keyboard for editing. Can you connect an iPad to a computer via the USB to enable viewing of your iPad on the big screen. Would be neat on my iMac retina screen. You can do this on the Android tablets - is it faesible on an iPad?


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    Hi All,

    Just looked up on web and it looks like you can use Chromecast on a TV and Momocast installed on your iPad.

    Could you output to a computer monitor by casting and record the input as a video stream?

  • em2em2
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    This sounds like a great idea. On what thread did you find this inspiration?

    Anyway, I use QuickTime for mirroring, which requires a cable. Another mirroring app that works wirelessly is AirServer. I know it has a subscription fee but I'm not sure exactly what it is right now.

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    @em2 - there is a link below for info on momocast. Note this works through a browser, but we can code in a webpage with Codea with aircode. Just wondering if we could extend that.
  • em2em2
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    @Bri_G QuickTime Player on Mac can display the iPad screen over USB.

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    @em2 - thanks for that, mith my bluetooth keyboard could be quite a workable system and maybe recordable. I'll give it a whirl
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